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I have scrapped few sites likes Techcrunch, Reuters , Bloomberg and few others and collected the articles related to Employee Layoff. The dataset is not that big but have around 320+ articles. Anyone is welcome for the contribution. The link for same is:


The wayback machine has coverage for news sites, e.g. CNN. It can be bulk downloaded, see e.g. here, which discusses using wget.


It sounds to me like the type of API/data source you're looking for is precisely what the New York Times API serves up. While the API call you make can have any customization you wish, if you're looking for articles with summaries, author, timestamp and other metadata, you may want to go with their Times Newswire API or their Top Stories API.


Most publicly traded companies (and some private ones) will keep a list of recent press releases on their website. Sometimes Yahoo Finance, when "covering" a publicly traded company, will compile a useful list of news articles.

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