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I assume you've already found averages at Current Employment Statistics, FactFinder, or the American Time-Use Survey. I don't see any percentiles there. I don't know of any ready-made tables from BLS or Census that include percentiles for hours worked, so unfortunately you will probably need to create your own tabulation using microdata from CPS PUMS or ...


The R Code below worked. Might be a bit cumbersome but it did the trick: library(tidyverse) # reading files in con <- gzcon(url(paste("", "biographies.list.gz", sep=""))) txt <- readLines(con) biographies <- read.csv(textConnection(txt), quote = "", skip = 1, header = ...


Many years later... (to anyone of interest), found this by chance, gyro, accelerometer vs long, lat for a study to predcit is the former one are more accuracte by using RNNs

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