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Although it's not documented, when clicking on a link for a CSV, I noticed that you can use the endpoint as your own API. So if we deconstruct the URL, we can create filters to pass to the web ...


I'm Jack with the openFDA team. You can download entire datasets including NDC from this page. My apologies for the very delayed response; thank you for your patience.


I'm Jack with the openFDA team. It is certainly possible to search by application number, but yhe format of the number in your example seems off. Typically the application numbers are either ANDA###### or NDA######. See example below.


OpenStreetMap has the data, specifically 70k+ entries with the tag "man_made=petroleum_well" (also the less used "man_made=pumping_rig". Here's how they look on the map: There are many tools to export all the data for a set of tags. In particular, start with manual searches using the OverPass-Turbo API, to see if this tag has good coverage for places you ...

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