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One possibility might be a Postgis server Postgis is a Postgres extension that allows the storage and querying many types of GIS data including geojson. This would also allow you to store the data along with the timestamp for it's creation. If you know the users who need to access the data you can create accounts for them and they can submit queries to ...


It would be easy if data was available. You are paid to clean it. If you provide your own clean database then people will pay for it if its important. The cleaning is left up to private data vendors. Gov only provides raw data. It's better because less errors. No reason for them to add complexity.


You might be able to use for big dataset uploads. As I mentioned in this answer, it's a solution I built to host big public datasets inside Git repositories.


A few months ago I stumbled upon this question and realised that no solution existed. I have since built a platform to solve this problem for myself, and figured it could benefit others: I tried to address the following problems: no file size limit data compression easy integration into terminal-workflows

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