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Elevation data is included in the „Generalisierte Gemeindegrenzen“ by the Swiss Federal statistical Office. See here: A direct link to the Excel file:


This information can be produced from open data in GIS software. Here are the basic steps using QGIS, which is free GIS software. You can do the same thing in any GIS, but the specific tool names will be different. Download a DEM raster (digital elevation model) for Switzerland, eg from Download the ...


Here is a possible SPARQL query for Wikidata: # swiss municipalities with their elevation SELECT ?muni ?muniLabel (MIN(?elevation) as ?minElevation) WHERE { ?muni wdt:P31 wd:Q70208. FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?muni wdt:P31 wd:Q685309 } OPTIONAL { ?muni wdt:P2044 ?elevation. ?muni p:P2044 ?statement. ?statement wikibase:rank ?rank. } SERVICE ...

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