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The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to countries of the world for capital programs. Also, the World Bank collects and processes large amounts of data and generates them on the basis of economic models.

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Which currencies are used in IMF's / Worldbank's PA.NUS.FCRF forex data?

I need annual, historic exchange rates of currencies worldwide. The PA.NUS.FCRF seems to be a great data set for that: it's open, spans almost all countries worldwide, and for many countries it dates ...
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Data on trade - annual imports and exports country to country

I'm looking for a dataset of import and export trade (goods and services) between all combination of nations globally, by year, i.e.: 2015 Afghanistan > Albania (import $XXX, export $YYY) Afghanistan >...
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What is the percentage of internet users in the USA? Discrepancy between Google result and World bank data

The Google default results for "internet user United States" is 84 % of the population. The source is the World Bank, but when I go to the World Bank website, it shows only 74% internet users in the ...
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In the World bank database, why is there no GDP data for switzerland between 1970 and 1979?

The World bank database has a gap for Switzerland between 1970 and 1979: Worldbank GDP data for Switzerland. Do you know why is there this gap and what is the best source to fill it?
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Discrepancies between World Bank and OECD GDP data

I just noticed that basic data such as historical Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at market prices in local currency differs between the World Bank (WB) and the OECD. For instance, for Canada between ...
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Composite Index creation, using WDI database from World Bank

This question might sound vast, however I really need some help finding a composite index which I could calculate using specifically World Bank's WDI database. The concept of that index is not really ...
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Source of CIA World Factbook estimates

Does anyone know if the CIA World Factbook (WF) country estimates are the CIA's own or whether they come from the World Bank (WB) or other sources? As of today (2015-05-20), CIA WF's page on, for ...
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World Bank via Pandas - looking up country regions

I am getting country data from World Bank via Pandas Remote Data API. Is there a way to get metadata for each country? In particular: Is it a country, or a region/group (e.g. Arab World or Upper ...
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