I am interested in exploring Vasopressor use in MIMIC-III. I googled Vasopressor some drugs. I also tried to identify the relevant itemid in the d_items table. I figured out that those Vasopressor drugs are also existing in the MIMIC-III. Those are "Isuprel","Nitroglycerine","Dopamine","Dopamine Drip","Levophed","Epinephrine-k","Phenylephrine","Epinephrine","Dobutamine Drip","Levophed-k","Epinephrine Drip","Nitroglycerin","Vasopressin","Lidocaine","Insulin","Nitroglycerine-k","Dobutamine","Milrinone","Norepinephrine".

I am wondering if it is reasonable to consider them all as vasopressor drug and to consider those itemid as vasopressor drugs in my research.

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Insulin and lidocaine are not vasopressors - but the rest are. Determining which vasopressors to include is more determined by the research project rather than a global ground truth - sometimes you'd include inotropes, sometimes not, and so on.

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    Additionally, nitroglycerine is not a vasopressor. Isuprel is really used more as a chronotropic agent. And while epinephrine drip is certainly a vasopressor, it can also be given subcutaneously or as a push in the setting of a cardiac arrest or anaphylaxis, which may not be the use cases you are thinking about. Commented Apr 6, 2017 at 13:03
  • Good points all around! Commented Apr 7, 2017 at 14:47

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