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Datasets with chronological variables for specific countries

I am doing some time-series forecasts. The datasets that I am working on have the attributes year, month, day and hour, however, in order to deal with seasonality and holiday effects, I am looking for ...
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Julian and Gregorian dates from Wikidata

How can I get the Julian birth or death date for someone who was born or died under the Julian Calendar (Isaac Newton, for example) on Wikidata using a SPARQL query? This simple query returns "4 ...
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Where can I find data on school holidays in Spain?

I am currently looking for historic data (last 15 years) on school holidays in Spain on comunidad (Spanish "state") level. Anyone has an idea where I could find such information?
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A calendar of future EO satellites pass based on location

There are several Earth Observation satellites with known orbit paths and return time. (ex: Landsat 8: 16 days, Sentinel-2: 12 days). Is there a shared calendar or a web-app that shows you future ...
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Historical events calendar database

I'm looking for a database that contains information about events, specifically in NYC. Categories include these: "Athletic", "Business & Finance", "City Government Office", "Cultural", "...
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Test data set for calendar data

Is there anything comparable to the Enron Corpus, but for calendar data? I already do text categorization based on Enron Emails but I would like to combine my approach with other business data, ...
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Worldwide holidays, and their names in the local dominant language

Might be slightly OT here but I'll give it a try since the topic is probably well known to many here: We're looking for a database or system to get current and upcoming holidays by location, worldwide,...
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overview on all stages and theatres that play a. Bertolt Brecht b. W. Shakespeare

I need an overview on all stages and theatres that play: a. Bertolt Brecht b. William Shakespeare I am interested to find out all stages in the USA and Europe. How can this be achieved?
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Free data on public holidays? [duplicate]

Is there a good live source of data for all public (bank) holidays for all countries in an easy fetch-able format?
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2014 holiday/event covariate date data

I am looking for a dataset of date covariates that could cause a spike in Twitter data. For example, any major news event or holiday such as black friday. Anyone know where this might exist?
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Global calendar of Open Source-related events

I am looking for a calendar of events related to Open Source: Linux User Groups regular meetings Web seminar about particular Open Source technologies Tech conferences related to Open Source ...
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List of public holidays by countries?

When working across country border it makes things easier to know in advance if people in a specific country are going to be on public holiday a certain day. While some calendars application offer to ...
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Federal Holiday Calendar Service

Looking for an open Federal / Holiday Calendar service to show business hours of banking or credit related businesses. I've requested this here: and I've seen ...
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Is there an open data api or service for dates of official government holidays?

Is there a service or Open API that exists out there for providing the dates of existing holidays in the US including observed holidays? Unfortunately, from my google searches I've just found a paid ...
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Are there any regular Open Data conferences?

I'm interested in any Open Data conferences which are held on a regular basis (e.g., yearly). Are there any such conferences?
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