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Back and forth emails and letters

For a research project, I am currently looking for datasets that consists of large amounts of e-mails, text messages, or OCR-processed letters that were written as part of a conversational exchange ...
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Small self-contained email datasets

For a research article, I am currently looking for a small, self-contained email dataset. The reason I'm saying small, is because many email datasets I've found so far contain a large amount of emails....
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Any good website to find local companies and firms?

I am looking for website catalogs of companies in Europe - Spain, Portugal, Baltic states, etc. My knowledge of their native languages is very low, so I couldn't find any relevant results in English. ...
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Is there such a thing as a public, curated list of people who WANT to be e-mailed?

I've always wanted to be able to send e-mails to a lot of people, for example to announce something. However, there are ultra-strict rules for this and basically, you destroy your "reputation" if you ...
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MS Outlook versions for corporate users

I am trying to find what proportion of corporate Outlook users use which desktop version of MS Outlook or Office 365. That's it, really. Does anyone know?
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Enron data set: Get labels whether an email has been replied or forwarded

I am currently browsing through the Enron data set in order to come up with a way to extract labels (true/false) on whether an email has been forwarded or replied to. The task would be to predict ...
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Email data set with plain text emails for spam classification

I am searching for a data set, which contains plain text emails, in order to do a classification of spam or not spam emails. I this data set but it does not contain the text of the emails. I also ...
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Wikipedia: How to activate email notification from watchlist?

I may have a blackout on this, so please help. I have a wikipedia account with a confirmed email. I have checked the box "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed". I have two pages ...
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Test data set for calendar data

Is there anything comparable to the Enron Corpus, but for calendar data? I already do text categorization based on Enron Emails but I would like to combine my approach with other business data, ...
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A global database of email addresses

Does anyone know of an open database of email addresses and meta data on the owners (not personal information)? The sort of data I'm looking for has more to do with spam scores, creation date and ...
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Guidelines on surveying email addresses in the public domain?

I've built a script to extract emails from scientific publication data that is in the public domain ( with the aim of sending email surveys to these people. Are ...
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Mailing list datasets

Related to this question: Obtaining personal mail corpus I'm looking for a list of archived public mailing lists from diverse communities and in diverse languages. For example, a list would look ...
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Obtaining personal mail corpus

Are there any publicly available personal mailboxes except for the Enron corpus? Doesn't have to be a large corpus, even a single mailbox of a single person will help me (step by step...) ...
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Enron Email Dataset in MySQL

For the purpose of my research, I need the Enron Email Dataset. According to the project's official website, there is an archive of emails represented in the set of separate TXT files, but the problem ...
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