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For questions about data related to the country Brazil.

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Atmospheric Web Map Service data for South America and Brazil

I'm working in a environmental project in Brazil and I need to create, if possible, a map service to show atmospheric conditions. I'm looking for a WMS source to show cloud and another atmospheric ...
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Dataset of Brazilian Portuguese audio classified by emotion

I plan to create an algorithm for detecting voice sentiment in Brazilian Portuguese, but i wasn't able to find any datasets to train the model with. If anyone knows where I could find a dataset of ...
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Customs trade data of Brazil and China needed

I'm looking for customs trade data of Brazil and China. For Brazil I need export of poultry meat (HS-code 0207) For China I need import to country. And all these data must contain such information as: ...
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Best GIS database for Brazil geological data

I'm looking for a database for the underground resources of Brazil, especially for the state of Minas Gerais. Do you have any to recommend?
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Frequently-updated satellite images of Amazonia/Brazil

I want to do time analysis of satellite images from the Amazonia/Brazil. I'm looking mainly for optical images. Ideally, such dataset would be frequently updated (every month or week). I don't need ...
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Looking for suggestions of sources for data science project

I'm currently taking a first step into Data Science, and studying a specific computational method, I'm a math student, but I'm looking for reliable data sources, and if related to biology (e.g public ...
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Any Open Data Sets for the (Football) World Cup (in Brazil 2014)?

Are there any public data sets for the World Cup in Brazil 2014? Didn't find anything for download on the official FIFA site (besides a single-page PDF booklet for the match schedule). Ideally the ...
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API for information about Brazilian cities/states

I can already find data about Brazilian cities/states (e.g. population, localization, crime rates etc...), on some websites such as the government's open data portal and census data (which ...
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Where can I get digital cartographic maps of Brazil?

I have a personal database of cartographic maps that I used for many purposes, mostly planning campings and other outside adventures. I'd like to have similar data about Brazil.
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