I'm searching for a freely available database of vehicles sold during the last 10 years (or more) which stores technical specifications including the ground clearance. The only database I was able to find was the Canadian Vehicle Specifications (CVS) but this lacks information about the ground clearance.

Is there a free database available which also includes information about the ground clearance?

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I think i already have given a link in another post about free car specs - hope it would not be a huge "no-no" to mention it again. Now, i will link to my most frequent stop for automotive data, because the info is free and has a lot of makes/models and other details which i need on a monthly basis - free vehicle database. Must warn you, that it is mostly for the EU market. The "ground clearance" parameter here is called ride height- so when you go to a particular model look for the "ride height" section of the table. If you are looking for data to download free - i think Edmund's api may do the job. I have used it, too, but it was long ago - now i have no idea if it is still being updated and free to use.

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