I'm looking for a dataset with information about public (and private, if possible) school teachers in the United States, including names, schools, and possibly any other identifying information such as department, school location, etc.

I assume that this information is freely available. I have tried the methods explained in this post: Is there an open database of elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States? but the farthest I was able to get was a dataset including every public school in the United States. If anyone has any information on such a dataset, or possibly a direct link to one, I would be grateful.


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This is a public record in every state I've ever worked. You're likely to have to go state-by-state to collect it. File a public records request with the state's department of education or equivalent.

However, many organizations have already done this. For example here's a link to one for the state of Washington produced by the (Spokane) Spokesman-Review: http://data.spokesman.com/salaries/schools/2016/


I couldn't find one nationally, but it seems like you ought to dig in by state. For instance, there appears to be school directory data for the state of Oregon, and in Portland, there also seems to be a list of list of people working in it's public schools. The first link appears to list it's staff in PDF files, but that's all I checked. Have you tried www.data.gov?

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