Does anyone know of a good source for the location of fishing grounds?

I have looked at the resources mentioned in this question but have not found anything relevant.

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Selected list of resources for data regarding world fishing grounds:
Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems: Data from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis on human impacts to marine ecosystems. Includes fishing impacts, ocean acidification, sea surface temperature, pollutants and more.
Aquamaps: Standardised distribution maps for over 11,000 species of fish, marine mammals and invertebrates. *Data available for download under High Resolution Maps and Environmental Data links.
Ecology Section
U.S. Bathymetric & Fishing Maps - NOS Office of Coast Survey -- NOAA
Global Data - dataMares provides "free public downloadable data sets relating to various marine topics and coastal science research"...quick glance-> the first three general database portals are all applicable, and I'm assuming more of them are too. The "Focused Database Portals" section also looks highly relevant here.
Global Fishery Databases
Marine/Coastal GIS | Data & Image Portals (includes Metadata Catalogs and Atlases)
OBIS-SEAMAP (Ocean Biogeographc Information System Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations) - spatially referenced database aggregating global marine mammal, seabird, sea turtle, ray, and shark observation data
Sea Around Us
has extremely detailed data regarding catches
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has a Fisheries and Aquaculture Department which houses more data pertinent here:
FIGIS - Fisheries Global Information System
DIAS - Database on Introductions of Aquatic Species
Atlas of Tuna and Billfish Catches
Global Tuna Catches by Stock
NASO - National Aquaculture Sector Overview
ASFA - Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstract

This list of resources may have more information:

Census of Marine Life
Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET)
Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT)

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