At the moment I'm investigating the state of anatomical knowledge on Wikipedia/Wikidata. I noticed that the Foundational Model of Anatomy has a lot of useful data and while the ID's are usually referenced in Wikipedia the other information isn't used.

They say on their website:

The Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology (FMA) is OPEN SOURCE and available for general use.

But they also say:

To obtain a copy of the FMA database either click the "Get the FMA" link to the left or see: FMA Licenses.

The link to FMA Licenses is a broken link.

Is the database supposed to be really open and could be incorporated in Wikidata, or is that something that's not allowed?


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The "FMA Licenses" link leads now to the Express License Program page which says:

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions

I've emailed them and they've answered:

The software is released open source – This info should answer your question, thanks for reaching out!


Accessing the FMA Ontology

The Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Senior Manager, Innovation Development
CoMotion at University of Washington

The CC Attribution (CC-BY) license meets the "Open Definition" criteria.

Unfortunately, incorporation via federation looks not possible: FMA's Query Integrator is not a real SPARQL endpoint (though allows SPARQL queries in some sense).

Probably one should link particular Wikidata properties to FMA properties using wd:P1628, wd:P2235, wd:P2236, and then interlink Wikidata entries that have FMA IDs using those FMA-linked Wikidata properties.

P.S. It seems you will be interested in WikiPathways.

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