I'm working on A/B split testing now. Where can I get a sample dataset for A/B split testing?

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Based on the answer for this question on Cross-validated there are two great packages in R that include useful datasets from completed A/B and multi-variate tests: Agricolae and Agridat


In the years between the question was asked and this answer is written, a number of A/B test datasets has been made freely available.

The following list include datasets that shows results arising from a randomized controlled experiment run online. Thus, it does not include offline experiment such as those in the R package Agridat.

From Research Archives

A number of research teams have either open-sourced research archives containing A/B test results, or made the results available as supplementary materials for their research articles.

Example Datasets from MOOCs

Some MOOCs that has a module on A/B testing also include sample datasets for course participants to play with. These include:

Miscellaneous Datasets on Kaggle

There are also a few A/B tests available on Kaggle. Documentation on these datasets are generally on the light side and we urge caution when using these datasets to build any serious applications.

Datasets for Uplift Modelling

Unlike an A/B test, which generally looks for the treatment effect on a population level, Uplift Modelling seeks to under the treatment effect on an individual level. Having that said, both tasks start with a controlled experiment and so datasets constructed with Uplift Modelling tasks in mind may also be applicable.

  • Full disclosure: Answer based on results of a survey that I carried out recently. The survey is due to appear in NeurIPS 2021 (openreview.net/pdf?id=79shW3z5Eaq) together with the intro to the ASOS Digital Experiments Dataset. I am not affiliated with Kaggle or any of the MOOC mentioned.
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The R package "datasets" have several examples. Despite some are not properly "AB test" designs, you can use some factorial covariates as levels (A, B, ...).

You can see details of the detasets here: https://stat.ethz.ch/R-manual/R-devel/library/datasets/html/00Index.html

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