I'm looking for a database of movie scripts to use to train a ChatterBot application.

I saw this article that mentioned that a database of movie scripts was used to train the program that generated a selection of responses. (http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/06/26/artificial-intelligence-machine-gets-testy-with-its-programmers/) It would be awesome if this was an open database somewhere.

Alternately, does anyone know if there are any similar data sets that are available that could be used. I imagine dialog scripts from plays would work equally as well?

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Try these screenplay datasets:

But, perhaps, you may use subtitles to train only talks:


There is the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) where you can view movie scripts online. You might be able to download enough pages to train your bot.

Alternatively, there's also OpenSubtitles, which is a collection of film subtitles that you might be able to use. These look like they're in a format meant to be used while watching a film, so you might have to convert them for your purposes.

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