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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is algorithms that are capable of intelligent behavior.

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Dataset for Swimming with Heartbeat and Motion Data

I am currently working on my final project CS degree that involves analyzing swimming data, specifically focusing on both heartbeat and motion data. I am looking for a dataset that includes these two ...
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AI/ML specialists - Where to find open source, medical data for creating AI algorithm which could diagnose glaucoma/cataract?

I need to build theory for this school project - AI algorithm that could identify with some probability - glaucoma/cataract. My question is - where to get data? This should be existing data, ...
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What are few datasets that we can use to build OCR model to detect text from documents like resumes etc.,?

Do any-one know few good annotated OCR datasets that we can use to train a OCR model for detecting text from documents like resume (i.e., document image)?
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Where can I find research papers on Data Science and AI?

Where can I find a free and open resource of categorized scholarly articles in the fields of Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning/AI/Statistics papers, code, and evaluation tables?
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English Dictionary with Syntax Classifications Download

I'm looking for an english dictionary with english words' meaning but also with grammar classifications e.g. Hi (exclamation).
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computer science corpus for language model training

I am looking for a domain-specific computer science corpus of at least 20M words (preferable >50M words), for the purpose of training a language model in it. Is there anything out-of-the-box that I ...
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Face dataset for predicting past and future face

I would like to develop a program that will output past and future face images, if a face image is supplied as input. That is, when I supply an image, the system should: Recognize the face in it. ...
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Does a tagged data set of online news articles and associated comments exist?

First of all I would like to apologise for the length of this question and also for my explanation as it might not use the ideal terms. I am looking for a possible data set that has articles from ...
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How can I leverage machine learning in my Business Intelligence/Data warehouse? Request [closed]

I work in a Datawarehousing environment where we host a rich collections of data from different systems and have probably the most holistic view of the dataset across our organization. Some of them ...
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What are the current most challenging MNIST-like tasks aiming to achieve the lowest error rate?

For example there is the MNIST database which is used to test ANN, however it's not so challenging, because some hierarchical systems of convolutional neural networks manages to get an error rate of 0....
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Datasets based on casual conversations for chatterbots

I am building a chatterbot that can answer questions related to tennis. I wish to know if there any any available datasets than can answer casual questions like "How are you", "How is the weather ...
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Movie Script Database

I'm looking for a database of movie scripts to use to train a ChatterBot application. I saw this article that mentioned that a database of movie scripts was used to train the program that generated a ...
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