I am looking for a dataset of car-parking in any city. I am doing a research about car-parking / traffic and their impact in the life of US cities.

Is there any public dataset that you recommend ?

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If you're not looking for real time data, you might want to search on the term 'parking study', which tends to look at the availability of parking in various areas.

I would assume that cities that have gone to dynamic pricing aka 'active parking management' would need to be collecting the data to set their pricing ... so Seattle and San Francisco would be prime candidates ... unless you're looking for more typical parking data.


I've seen datasets on car parking locations in a number of city open data portals. I did a quick Google (city car parking dataset) to find a few to get you started:


Displays the number of current car parking spaces available at each of the UPark car parks located in the city. Further information re UPark locations, operating hours, rates...


The location of car parks. This dataset includes information about facilities available at each car park and information about fees, opening hours and contact details.


CTA Park and Ride - Polygon data representing CTA park and ride locations. Details include number of spaces, cost, and rail station.


Car park (pay and display) locations and spaces Finance/Car parking csv Car park (pay and display) charges Finance/Car parking csv


Car Parking - Galway City Data


Datset includes: meter number, meter category, max stay (hours), operational day, operational time, restrictions, street, suburb, precinct, tariff ($/Hr), tariff maximum, latitude and longitude.


You could search for relevant datasets among the state and local datasets featured on Data.gov.

You can also search the local datasets on data.gov specifically for the term parking:

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