I am looking for data that contains a list of National Provider Identification Numbers (NPI) that correspond to Medicaid Provider Identification Numbers or OSHPD ID numbers. In particular, does anyone know of a source that contains OSHPD ID and NPI codes for each California Hospital/Clinic?

I am aware that these NPI files contains NPI's linking to providers. But I am curious if there are separate sources that already link California's identifying variables for healthcare providers with the NPI key variable. Otherwise, it would require a significant amount of dirty work to algorithm match them and I may as well see if the work is already done.

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    I ended up having to use fuzzy matching through SAS. Basically, I had to use the complicated art of matching addresses and hospital names between the two datasets to find matches. Even then, I still had to do a lot of manual matches.
    – Kotebiya
    Mar 18, 2017 at 15:28

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I approached this issue by extracting the business address of the OSHPD and matching it to the NPI dataset. I only needed to do it for a handful of Clinics but I imagine the error rate would be relatively low and you would be able to fix/ignore whatever didn't match up, depending on your purpose of course.

The NPI Core Dataset is a little big for excel (2 GB). I attempted to use Tableau, it could manage with a lot of glitching. I would recommend working with these datasets in SQL to make this connection.

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