Is there a feed/database on individuals/companies that have donated to IRS verified charities?

I have done quite some Googling, and cannot seem to find anything :/

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I am not sure if this is something that is required to be reported.

Data like does this does exist for campaign/PAC contributions and lobbying money spent by corporations. The Sunlight Foundation has a great site called InflueceExplorer.com (which has a web UI, bulk downloads, and API). For example, a search for Microsoft.

I also heard from a contact well entrenched in the NPO space that major donors might be shown on NPOs' Form 990 that they are required to file with the IRS but I am not seeing it on the sample 990 at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f990.pdf. You can contact and look at data from 990++ aggregators such as GuideStar, the National Center for Charitable Statistics, and CitizenAudit.

EDIT: Found this useful FAQ: "Q: Where can I find out who has donated money to a particular nonprofit organization?". Short answer: "The list of donors filed with Form 990 is specifically excluded from the information available for public inspection, except for donors to private foundations and political organizations."

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