I am looking for some publicly available dataset for retail/grocery store companies which (preferably) includes data about there stores, number of employees and operations. I tried to look around but couldn't find any dataset related to retail/grocery store companies. Does anyone know about such datasets that I can view and download(free or paid-any option)?

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The good folks at Code4Huntsville* shared a dataset containing useful info about retails and grocery stores in their city, including geolocation, which makes it really interesting. It is available here.

  • Code for Huntsville's twitter handle 404s (as of 2019-08-23), there is a facebook link (but I can't see it without an account, not sure if its active), and they also have an open data soft profile.
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    Thanks for the link but I am looking for a dataset which has information such as store size,number of employees and other operational details. The one you pointed has only location info. Also I am looking it for a retail store chain like walmart etc and not for separate individual stores like the one in the above dataset Commented Aug 4, 2015 at 18:48

The quarterly and annual reports from these kinds of companies are publicly available. Here is Walmart’s 2018 (2019 fiscal year) filing.

In it, you can find store count, geographic location. Their information on employees is a little sparse because of things like turnover, but other employee programs might be mentioned in similar 10k or annual financial reports.


Kroger makes a lot of data available via their API:


This includes products, cart, customer identity, locations, chains, etc. for all stores associated with Kroger.


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