I am building model to predict that is something similar to SICCODE.com, in search if I give "apple inc" as input, it gives me all related to apple with its sic codes and location.

apple inc       cupertino,ca, 95014        us
apple bank for savings      newyork, NY,10172       us

I looking for a database which contains all company names in US and its location and its SIC codes.

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The data exists but it is unlikely to be open. From the U.S. Census Bureau (recall there is a crosswalk between SIC and NAICS codes)

  1. Can I get a NAICS code or other statistical data for a specific company?

Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 9 (a) prohibits the U.S. Census Bureau from releasing information on a specific business including NAICS codes. Visit our Data Protection and Privacy Policy Web site to obtain more information on Title 13. There are a number of private research firms that provide NAICS codes and data for specific companies, often for a fee. The U.S. Census Bureau cannot verify the accuracy of the codes or data provided by these companies.

An example of such a firm would be NAICS Association.

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