Please excuse due to lack of knowledge in the area of private company filings in the US.

My assumption is that private companies in the US must make 2 separate returns (at federal and state) For federal, we can use EDGAR platform to search for filing/documents. But when it comes to State, we need to visit individual state portal ( for eg for California, and for Nevada etc) to download documents such as annual returns/certificate of incorporation etc.

I am in process of building a search feature which help user to search/download all returns across federal and state portals. Unfortunately, I am finding it difficult to perform search across various states since there is no unified identifier (something like CIK for EDGAR) handy for me to perform this search.

Question: Is there any provider (open source or paid) available out there who could abstract this complexity of search. Something like an API which would perform a consolidated search across various states and return the result ?

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OpenCorporates and CorporationsWiki are the best that I know of. They're certainly incomplete and out of date at times though.

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