I am noticing, that labevents table has labs values, from before and after critical care units admissions - icu stays, correct me please if I am wrong ?

So lets say there is patient X coming into ICU for 4 days, then staying in the wards (usual floor, not ICU) within the hospital and obtains more bloodwork, i understand, there is a high change of these results of bloodwork, also goes into labevents table ?

Always sometimes ?

  • What about MIMIC III waveforms- is there any news soon for release? Mar 26, 2017 at 22:16

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The MIMIC documentation notes that:

  • The labevents table contains both in-hospital laboratory measurements and out of hospital laboratory measurements from clinics which the patient has visited. Laboratory measurements for outpatients do not have a HADM_ID.
  • ...there is a subset of patients for which the outpatient lab data is not available. They can be identified by checking for patients whose data always has an HADM_ID.

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