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One and a half years ago, I left Manchester, England (UK) and permanently relocated to Washington DC (after my now husband popped the question and we got married just before I left to go to Pennsylvania for the summer).

Current Project:

I am developing a database and a machine learning program that would assist the authorities to solve crimes using location data and psychological profiling.


Currently I am studying for my PhD in Computer Science;

My Masters degree is in Law with Corporate Social Responsibility;

My Bachelor Degree is in Law (Minored in Accountancy).

Sample of Skills:

I enjoy using programs to search through big data sets and transforming the data into usable models.

I taught myself how to use Swift, Python, Tableau, Hadoop and Spark.

I taught myself how to effectively use Google Analytics and Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud (Formerly known as Adobe Marketing Cloud).

Random Trivia About Me:

When I am practicing my skills for fun and just working on different projects (especially researching), I typically have my headphones in with music playing (sometimes I do dance and I may or may not sing along) as it helps me to focus and concentrate. My playlists are extremely eclectic and often in different languages.

Since early childhood my first passion was and still is photography. When I was asked what I was going to be when I grew up, I always said, "Lawyer but with my own photography business". Surely enough, I have already done both.

I have supported Manchester United since I could walk thanks to my much older half siblings and nephews. I still follow my team even though I am in America.

In summer of 2018 when I was working at a Jewish Summer Camp in Pennsylvania, our bosses let us use the full wall sized projector screen to watch England play in the World Cup Final as it was such a rarity to England to make it that far. I lost my voice during the match due to the excitement, as did every other Brit there... Then came the tears... Yes, we love our football.

Sample of Traits:

Very inquisitive;

Love to learn more of anything and everything;

Very tenacious and dedicated;

Extremely organized and meticulous;

Extremely analytical and curious

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