I am trying to find company ownership data (e.g. names of shareholders that own say up to top x% of the shares?) for companies in any major country.

Ideally this would be associated to main industry of operation of the actual company etc.

My intention would be to do some shareholder network analysis on this basis.

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Have you had anyluck with this?

I am looking to find same sort of data set but the only thing I was able to find was SEC Edgar tool.

Use this to find to find CIK, unique for every company filed with SEC and maybe IRS http://www.portal.edgarfiling.sec.gov/Welcome/EDGARPortal.htm

Use this to find data find company and individual filings with SEC. https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html

Lastly, Market Structure is provided by SEC as well, but I have not played with it. https://www.sec.gov/marketstructure/


You can look at the PSC (Persons with Significant Control) register of the UK's Companies House: http://download.companieshouse.gov.uk/en_pscdata.html


You should take a look at OpenOwnership.org, it aggregates a number of countries together, UK, SK and UA and DK.

Example data items:

The data can be searched using this web tool: https://register.openownership.org

You can also download the whole data as compressed JSON: https://register.openownership.org/download

Open Data Commons Attribution License

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