I was actually trying to find some open source data on human trafficking. Basically, I was looking for any individual level data where say an individual was picked up by some law enforcement agency and then ask for their country of origin. I believe the International Organization on Migration has data like this, but they don't release it.

I have been looking around and there only seems to be summary statistics given at the country level. I was hoping that someone might be able to direct me towards a good source. I am a grad student in statistics, so was hoping to do some meaningful analysis.


The closest thing I have been able to find so far is some data from the European Union. There is a report from the European union based upon input from the legal agencies in different member countries. Here is the report link. On page 36 there is table 3 which provides info on the human trafficking arrests from each nation. So this data at least shows the country of arrest and the country of origin for the victim.

enter image description here The problem with this data is that it does not show the path of each victim, so I don't know the routes.

Thus, I am still searching for additional info.


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