I am interested in doing some typological analyses by measuring the redundancy and IE entropy across languages in the phonemic and syllabic domains. I've searched for quite a bit but could not find well documented frequencies of phonemes and syllables (preferably using IPA) across major world languages.

A tool to convert text corpus to phonetic and syllabic transcriptions would also be useful!


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Based on Stanislav's comment:


With the Syllable Counter integrated in the WordCreator, it is possible to create frequency tables for syllables used in different texts.

The Syllable Counter can be used for arbitrary symbol systems, alphabets and Unicode-texts.

For some languages, we have created frequency profiles for two-party syllables (digrams) and three-party syllables (trigrams) on the basis of texts in the corresponding languages with at least 1.5 million characters.

The texts consists of different literature genres to provide the best results.

You can find the lists in the menu under "Syllable Lists".

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