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I'm looking for large electronic list of German verbs with the following essential fields: infinitive, 3rd-person present indicative, 3rd-person simple past, and the past-participle. For example, in the case of the irregular verb, bringen, the list would have

bringen, bringt, brachte, gebracht,

and in the case of the weak verb, sagen, the list would have

sagen, sagt, sagte, gesagt.

I'm particularly looking for a list that separately lists verbs (where they exist) with the various separable and inseparable prefixes, such as

ab-, an-, auf-, aus-, be- emp, ent-, er- ge-, miss-, ver- zer-,


I have been able to locate printed lists such as the Collins Pocket German Verb Tables (ISBN 000470153-4) which are quite comprehensive. However, aside from the disadvantage of not being in electronic form, the book does not list the parts I'm looking for. Instead, the body of the book consists of 200 example verbs to which some 2000 verbs are then cross-referenced. The wanted material is all there, but in a very awkward form for linguistic purposes.

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This verbs.csv seems to be exactly what you are looking for. It includes 8049 verb with their associated conjugations. The list is part of the german-verbs-database.


Word forms available at Wiktionary


You can parse page content using:


You can also check GermaNet: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/142806

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