I am using California county Data from 2016, from the US census site
Dataset: CA_Counties_TIGER2016

Metadata: https://catalog.data.gov/harvest/object/8933496c-7da8-486e-aa66-64981962a3c5/html

What are the units of column Aland?

When I run statistics using Arcmap they show a sum of 403501101370 (which does not seem to match California;s landmass when calculated in sq m, km, acres)

Census Table in a Spreadsheet Editor.

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    Hi Welcome to Open Data SE. Please provide enough attribution to the question else it would be difficult to answer your question Jul 16 '20 at 12:17

ALAND is supposed to be m^2. Example: Sierra County should be about 2.492 × 10^9 m^2. Which county or counties look off? AWATER has same units.

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