I am learning causal inference and I want to use a very popular dataset(the dataset is created in 1999). I find the webpage of it and many papars citing it. However, I never ever to find the download link. I wish someone could help me about it. It is a dataset belongs to clinicaltrials.gov.

The website about Prevention of Suicide in Primary Care Elderly: Collaborative Trial (PROSPECT). The funniest thing is that the website allows me to download the query results instead of dataset of study.

The paper using it Reducing Suicidal Ideation and Depressive Symptoms in Depressed Older Primary Care Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

If you guys can give me some advice about it or provide me several causal inference dataset(experiment data and observational data), I will be very grateful!


Is the dataset linked in this page?


Data from this trial are available on the Biometrics journal website as supplementary material to the paper:

Ten Have TR, Joffe MM, Lynch KG, Brown GK, Maisto SA, Beck AT. Causal mediation analyses with rank preserving models. Biometrics, 2007, 63(3), pp926–34.

Direct link: http://www.biometrics.tibs.org/datasets/060225CF_biomweb.zip

Archive link: https://web.archive.org/web/20200131081512/http://www.biometrics.tibs.org/datasets/060225CF_biomweb.zip

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  • Yes, exactly! Thank you a lot. BTW, How did you find it? I spend about 5 days and find nothing usefull. I did search several papers using this dataset, but none of them provided the dataset. @philshem – Travis Jan 31 at 5:24
  • 1
    @Travis internet search with the full text "Prevention of Suicide in Primary Care Elderly: Collaborative Trial (PROSPECT)" and DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Was at the bottom of the first page. – philshem Jan 31 at 8:21
  • Really appreciate for your method! – Travis Jan 31 at 8:52

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