I am not from the USA, but I see a lot of discussions about race and racism in the USA and whether skin color is an indicator for crime, education, divorce and that sort of thing. I do not have political agenda (though I am sure that color in itself can hardly be a causality for anything), but I would like to make the multivariate analysis myself to get a better understanding about the topic. I do not trust the statistics (either way) from those guys in the talk-shows. Are there detailed datasets that I could analyses? I would prefer more fine-grained data, since I fear that aggregated data already is influenced by political agenda (either way). I am happy about data from any country, but I guess the USA is one of the more diverse countries on earth.

  • fbi.gov for crime statistics and census.gov for general statistics should be the first place you look. – Barry Carter Jan 14 at 18:39

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