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Menelaos Bakopoulos


I am developing in Java using Spring/Grails, AngularJS, and Aurelia.


I have worked with many technologies/platforms over the years and seen technologies come and go (or be renamed/morphed), e.g as an indicative list:

-HTML4, DHTML, Plain Old Javascript

-Flash / Actionscript (2 & 3)

-CGI-BIN PERL web applications ( before php & mysql were available on many shared hosting servers)

-PHP 4

-VB6, VB.net

-Oracle 8

-Java SE, Java EE: Struts2, JBoss, Axis 2, Servlets

-J2ME 3D games (Before Android)

-Eclipse Plugin Development

Finally... I have been programming both applications and developing websites since 1998 initially as a hobby and later on as a freelancer during my undergraduate studies after 2002.

After 2008 I was a research scientist working on both Research and industrial Projects and since October 2014 I have been again freelancing as an external developer.


If you like any of my answers or they helped you out, you could donate some CPU power to contribute some monero coins to me: https://authedmine.com/media/miner.html?key=5FrzbNBMDFaHAmnEM80qSO4XJaxSXHMS .

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