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Embedded Processor Wizard, well seasoned and steeped in the MIT Media Lab culture of building cool things.

For the last several decades, I've thrived on cramming lots of functionality into tiny processors. One of my specialities is exploiting the properties of single chip devices (e.g. GPIO ports, PWM timers, etc) to create robust designs with minimal parts count.

My first startup, Ember Corporation (bought by Silicon Labs) ushered in the Internet of Things by releasing the first microcontrollers with embedded wireless mesh networking. Long before Ember, I made 6502, Z80 and PIC processors jump through hoops to control laser printers, environmental sensors, audio devices, lighting systems and electronic whoopee cushions.

More recently, I've been working with RPi, various Arduino (including Intel Arduino 101), Freescale/NXP KL2xx, and I look forward creating new things on the ESP32, GR8, AM335x and/or nRF52 family of processors.

My work doesn't stop at the microcontroller level: I use C, C++, Python, Javascript/Node, Ruby and other languages to connect the microcontrollers into cloud-based applications.

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