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Devoting my spare time to several major projects, so please don't expect many new answers.

Been cutting code for well over 40 years now (way back to The Hobbit on the BBC Micro and Way Of The Exploding Fist on the C64! Who remembers those games now?)... no sign of stopping yet.

I now use StackOverflow mainly to keep my brain active. I have found answering questions here has improved my jQuery skills more than anything else I have tried. My favorite, most time-consuming and most underrated, answer is here: unfortunately my hosting company pulled the rug from that hosting so the interactive example is gone :(

Did a lot of Silverlight & WPF PRISM work, then WP7 and Windows 8. Had jQuery jumping through hoops using TypeScript and LESS on highly structured and very large projects using dozens of my own jQuery plugins.

Nowadays it is all Azure-first ASP.Net and C# Core applications and services.

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