Whoever came across this profile page seems to be a little interested in me. Here you might find some relevant information about me (tasks, projects, responsibilities etc.):

  • Computational linguist
  • Managing Director and owner of Advanced Linguistic Technologies
  • Technical director for Tutron, a project that automatically corrects student homework
  • University lecturer for the course "Programming I (Introduction to Python)".

As a software developer, I particularly like/dislike this:

   💓 Python, Flask, Linux, Emacs, PyCharm, backend programming
   💔 PHP, Java, Windows, frontend programming

I mainly use StackOverflow in the StackExchange network. Even though I don't like some things very much, the usefulness of the site is definitely there. Which is why I actively participate in review processes and also like to edit posts, so that the site as a whole becomes better and more readable. See this:

   💓 Why edititing is important, even so called minor edits (I), minor edits (II), What about editing code (I), editing code (II)
   💔 An extreme position about what is allowed to ask

"Steal code whenever possible!" -- This is now legally possible 👮: Every code snippet I post on StackOverflow is licensed to you under CC0:

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.