Vlad Iliescu

Partner and Head of AI at Strongbytes, a razor-sharp company with a strong focus on building software products around well-operationalized machine learning models. I'm driving its machine learning initiative.

Co-founder of NDR, that Artificial Intelligence conference in Romania. The first edition of which was a massive success, with ~450 attendees and eleven sessions held by internationally acclaimed speakers. We're doing it again this year. Twice.

Creator of Price Snoop, that awesome Chrome extension that compares prices across the European Amazon stores. It works beautifully. I should charge money for it someday.

Creator of Woofy, the coolest webcomic downloader you've never heard about. I think it's the software I'm most proud of, even if nobody - including myself - uses it anymore :). It has a fully extensible, Boo-powered DSL for downloading comics for crying out loud (yes, you read that right). The comic definitions are compiled in their own tiny assembly, and are called by the main code via dependency injection. I had so much fun writing (but not debugging) this.

Last but not least, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on AI, public speaker and storyteller, music lover and uke player, all around good guy.

Write to me at if you want me to speak at your event, work with you on a machine learning project, or simply answer questions about life, the universe, and everything 🤓.

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