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Where to get usa coastline/shoreline data

There are actually a lot of sources for this, and some sources have multiple products. This chart on NOAA breaks it down These sites are pretty difficult to navigate, and I'm unsure of your ...
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Where to get usa coastline/shoreline data

This is just to share whereas you may benefit from it if needed. I found the data at last at NOAA Shoreline Data Explorer system. So to my knowledge there are three versions of the usa coastaline ...
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Identifying State Parks in the PAD-US dataset (Protected Areas Database)

I work on the USGS Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) as a cooperator from Boise State University. The queries you used make sense, although I would include the "Designation" ...
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Where to get usa coastline/shoreline data

Digital Coast by NOAA, is the NOAA's Office of Coastal Management, has that data, and much, much more, as Digital Coast is NOAA's authoritative data registry for coastal/shoreline data.
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