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Unstructured data (or unstructured information) refers to information that either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner.

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Any open dataset for Geopolitical queries and answers?

I'm searching for queries/questions and answers that can be run and tested on top of the ICEWS and GDELT dataset, so that I could detect whether the query inference engine returns all the expected ...
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Is there a dataset for OCR of handwritten texts available?

I would like to evaluate an idea for OCR of handwritten texts (especially with mathematical contents). Is there a dataset for OCR of handwritten texts available? It should contain images of documents,...
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1 answer

reference to share on best practices [closed]

I'd like to find a best practices document to share with the developer of a internal DB interface. Specifically I'd like to show that the approach that has been used for 15+ years results in output ...
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User complaint/review description for running nlp-ner on telecom(preferably) data

I am looking for Consumer complaint/review description data which is not generated from automatic logs but manually entered by the end-user/customer-support. The objective is to run the Stanford NLP-...
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3 answers

Violent crime statistics involving guns

I'm looking for datasets that contain violent crime stats involving guns. I've googled but have only found organised and graphed data and I would prefer raw data that I can aggregate.
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Extracting variables from unstructured Excel files [closed]

I have hundreds of Excel files (databases) from which I want to extract a subset of variables. The data are not systematically in the same cell (e.g. G4) and also don't always start on the same row. ...
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A good dataset to experiment NoSQL databases

I need to do some experiments in HBase and Cassandra. To do that I need an adequate dataset. The dataset I'm looking for has to be large enough (more than 2GB) and the data in it has to be ...
11 votes
4 answers

Examples of scraping from "real-world" data sources using OCR, etc?

Are there any examples of open data that have been scraped from "real-world" sources? To explain what I mean by "real-world", here are some (made up) examples and then some criteria: Train departure ...
15 votes
3 answers

What are the available tools for managing crowdsourced data-cleaning tasks?

The Zooniverse team has had amazing success with the OldWeather project to crowdsource coding of old ships logs to extract climate data. And I believe Sunlight did some crowdsourcing (with Mechanical ...
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Good tools to parse repetitive unstructured data

I'm looking to parse a large number of lines of repetitive but unstructured data. This is a task that happens at least once every project, in my experience, so I'm looking for a tool to transform ...
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