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You wrote: I considered crawling twitter hashtags, or facebook hashtags or google trends, but the thing is people use many useless keywords and hashtags nowadays like #I_ate_pizza #I_love_bieber and they don't search for keywords, the majority search What gift to buy for my girlfriend I don't really know Facebook, but regarding the Twitter trends: ...


While I don't work for The Post or Google, and thus cannot speak authoritatively, I was at a Google event for top news organizations last year in NYC, and can attest to the fact that -- depending on the publication -- Google often provides custom Trends data as an enterprise service to publishers. That would be my guess here.


You could try this open source library in node: It seems to have several Google trends functions available.


note: this answer is based on another answer, with some modifications for your question. Google Trends doesn't have an API, but you can follow instructions from this great blog post to hack it. The raw data is in JSON form here: and using this curl command you can change date and region: curl --data "ajax=1&...

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