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Transportation is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another.

Transportation is fundamentally the movement of objects from one place to another.
Transportation enables the interaction of objects (people (tourism), trade, etc.) between different countries/societies/etc., a critical/essential tool for civilization development.

Common Transportation Modes:
Air/Aviation Animal-Powered Cable
Land (Off-Road, Rail, Road, and Ship/Water)

Each Transportation Mode has a uniquely fundamental technological solution, including infrastructure, vehicles, operations, and regulations.

Each mode of transportation has six separate subsystems, each comprising of a group of multiple parts, that are compiled to make one part.
The Six Separate Subsystems:

Intermodal Transportation occurs when more than one Transportation Mode is used.

Mass Transportation/Mass Transit are transportation projects built for moving/carrying large amounts of people/objects, that can also be used by the public.

Teleportation is a mode of transportation popularized by Star Trek, in which an object(s) is beamed from one location to another. As of 2015-04-20, Teleportation has still not been accomplished

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