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Sales Tax Data for NYC

I have not come across this data for NYC (though would also be really interested in it if the data existed publicly somewhere!), but know that you can get sales tax receipts for a few categories for ...
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Looking for California sales tax data by zip

Avalara (at this time) offers a free download by state which includes zip codes and a breakdown of the tax amounts.
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State and Average Local Sales Tax Rates 2000-2010

This data is actually very challenging to get, as there is no federal regulation requiring the reporting or mandating the collection of state and local sales tax rates. A company that does business ...
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Sales Tax Data for NYC

This question is one year old, but still: isn't this what you need?
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What is up with the "no adjusted gross income" data in the IRS SOI?

I emailed the people at the IRS SOI. Here is their response: The reason returns that have no AGI but show a high average tax amount is due almost entirely to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Returns ...
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