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Survey raw data

Pew Research Center has a data site with downloads for many raw datasets from surveys and polling. Requires registration and license is for non-commercial use. Track key national, political, ...
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Individual-level data (e.g. survey) with information on sexual orientation

Pew Research has a dataset that was used for this article: A survey of LGBT Americans You can download the data here, after registering. Survey information: Findings in this report are based on two ...
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Social trust/faith in political system datasets for Africa pre-2000?

For 1995-1999, there would be the Corruption Perception Index from Transparency International which includes some African countries.
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Where Can I find the Developers Survey Dataset?

Apparently here Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey 2020 Nearly 65,000 responses fielded from over 180 countries and dependent territories, the 2020 Annual Developer Survey examines all aspects of ...
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Data set on trust in the Internet of Things?

Trustworthiness is a very vague term and I don't know what kind of trustworthiness you are interested in. I will give you two examples I came across in the last few years. We can use data to test if ...
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