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Sensor data from wind turbines

The Engie Group has just published operational data of one of its wind farms under the Open License 2.0 of Etalab. See here:
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Looking for complete sensor datasets from a production process

Here you can download a database of sensor readings (mostly thermocouples) from a steelcasting plant. The largest file inside the ...
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Looking for complete sensor datasets from a production process

The UCI Machine Learning Repository has a quite large sensor dataset Gas sensor array under flow modulation The data set contains 58 time series acquired from 16 chemical sensors under gas flow ...
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Looking for IOT sensor data for the task of classification

You may want to look here for various sensor data:
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UAV dataset for machine learning

There are a few academic datasets that could be useful. The most common datasets are video though. The Stanford Drone Dataset The Zurich Urban Micro ...
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Accelerometer dataset for car crash detection

Instead of the NHTSA FAR data, you may want to look at the NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database. This does contain accelerometer data. That said, I doubt they are using a phone's accelerometer to ...
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Sensor data trains dataset

Not sure if this dataset matches your requirements completely. At least it reads as a dataset from a German logistics company having sensors mounted on shipping containers. The description is in ...
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