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Fire incidents data

For the US, have you looked into the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) data? That contains all of what you're looking for: Type of fire (indicating severity) Address Type of building ...
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Are there any public agencies which are currently streaming real-time video data?

Yes, there are (U.S.) public agencies that are currently (2017-03-07) streaming real-time video data. I'm not aware of a list of them (would LOVE it, if one such exists), but here's one: Live Video ...
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cyber attacks datasets

I think the site on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures can suite your problem: Lot of CVEs can be found on open source projects (like on GitHub). In those cases ...
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Database or feed of software vulnerabilities, aggregated and with correlations

Given that there was nothing, I started a project that is supported by and that will eventually deliver ...
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Fire incidents data

The city of Seattle has 911 Fire calls available on their open data platform It's a live feed with data refreshed ...
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Catalog of all websites on the entire internet

Regarding git repo: it's not stale, it was updated about a month ago. Still, there aren't newer/larger and available datasets just yet. If you stumble upon one - just drop a line here, I'll merge it ...
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