Below are a couple of sites that have API access to bible text. http://bibles.org/pages/api - This site has a well-documented API and serve a number of versions. They may have a version that suits your purposes - although NIV is not listed it is mentioned in the API documentation. http://labs.bible.org/api_web_service - This site has what looks to be a ...


Disclaimer: I am the author of below github projects. Two very good (and complete) sources are: https://github.com/scrollmapper/bible_databases : This has many database formats including all three formats you are inquiring of. https://github.com/scrollmapper/bible_databases_deuterocanonical : This is a newer continuance of the bible databases, but ...


Should these help you ! Bibles in JSON & XML Bibles versions in SQL format


The Association of Shinto Shrines I would expect to have a database of shrine locations - but they do not have it online. Perhaps you can contact them. Here is their link: http://www.jinjahoncho.or.jp/en/ This is a dataset of ancient Shinto shrines (warning: it is in Japanese): http://21coe.kokugakuin.ac.jp/db/jinja/index_e.html For each shrine, the ...


https://github.com/godlytalias/Bible-Database also have a good database collection


When it comes to spatial data you can give the Openstreemap a shot. You can get individual country data from geofabrik.de. I validated for New Zealand and from the Australia and Oceania area. From there you download the "New Zealand shapefile and open the shapefile called "gis.osm_pofw_free_1.shp" this will get you all different churches/temples. Looking ...


Here's the FAQ answer to what is available from the U.S. Census Bureau: https://ask.census.gov/prweb/PRServletCustom/YACFBFye-rFIz_FoGtyvDRUGg1Uzu5Mn*/!STANDARD?pyActivity=pyMobileSnapStart&ArticleID=KCP-5050 It suggests that data may exist for the period just before the date range you were hoping for. Perhaps that was what you were trying to extend? ...


You can get the Wikipedia list of Indian Religions. The caste system has been banned in India. If you would like a basic dataset, you can look to this answer.


This url is allows for searching of multiple formats of the bible.


Here's XML versions of NIV and NRSV: https://github.com/dborza/bible-tools/tree/master/bible-translations (also CEV, ESV, KJV, MKVJ, MSG, NASB, NKJV, NLT). Generate plain text version of NIV with one verse per line: wget https://github.com/dborza/bible-tools/raw/master/bible-translations/niv.xml;ruby -rnokogiri -e'Nokogiri.XML(IO.read("niv.xml"))....

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