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How to publish annual datasets?

I think having separate datasets for each year would probably be the easiest for users of your site. I work with lots of government data portals, and the norm tends to be to have a new dataset each ...
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Save Scraped Data to an Open Database

A quick an easy way to provide open access to your scraped data would be pushing it to GitHub or another easily accessible online repo in a text format (CSV/TSV or JSON if it's less structured -- this ...
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Is public information obtained through FOIA an example of Open Data?

Data obtained through FOIA is open data. Before it was attained, I would argue that it is not, as it was not being released. Data previously published on a government website was and still is in ...
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How to publish annual datasets?

If you're interested in seeing how some other large cities are publishing their data, here's a few examples of large cities' organization pages on Hope this helps!'s user avatar

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