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The first step as you said is to define which types of entities need to be removed in the public version of the data set. One example of such definition in the United States is given in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules, which target medical texts. According to HIPAA rules, the following information should be removed from ...


In Australia, a federal government agency (PSMA) has created a for-cost dataset called Geoscape that calculates information on private rooftops: specifically roof heights and materials. I wanted to post this as an answer to show a precedent for private rooftop characteristics and locations, albeit for a cost.


I don't think so privacy-friendly open-source OS/software be made for most tech products. But still, you can search for it online. I search on google when I need any write my research paper for me and it suggests me best site for it. I hope you get your answer like this.


You can check the UK driving licencing agency site here:

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