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Bulk download Sci-Hub papers using a list of URLs

You can bulk download/automate Sci-Hub files with a list of URLs using wget and a list of URLs (one per line) in a text file. In the following example, I have a text file (list.txt) that looks like ...
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Where can I find pdf of articles in French, their titles and abstracts/summaries?

There's the HAL scientific open archive, which has a lot of content in French and various other languages. As far as I know, they don't offer a dump of their data, but they do have an API that you can ...
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Extracting tables from multiple PDFs

The tabulizer R package wraps the command line tabula extractor Java application at the heart of tabula so you can easily call tabula from R and retrieve tables from one or more PDFs from within an R ...
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Extracting tables from multiple PDFs

You can give a shot to TrapRange (open source, MIT License, Java): Some sample pdf files and results: Input file: sample-1.pdf, result: sample-1.html Input file: sample-4.pdf, result: sample-4.html ...
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