Based on my research into this topic there appears to be two reasonable solutions. Perhaps one solution is more reasonable then the other. One key is to recognize that constraints exist as a concept outside of the instance of a class and should be outside of the actual instance data. The first solution is to adopt SHACL. It is a W3C recommendation and ...


<http://purl.org/linguistics/gold/hypernym> is a property from the GOLD linguistic ontology. See http://linguistics-ontology.org/gold/hypernym.


The Computer Science Ontology (CSO) is freely available at http://cso.kmi.open.ac.uk/ since 2018, and it can be downloaded in a variety of formats. You can also subscribe to the site and give your feedback about any topic or relationship. PS: I am the author of the ontology and I would have happily share with you back in 2016. Just send me a mail next time....

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